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Karrikaid Soil Nutrient Booster 32 floz

Karrikaid Soil Nutrient Booster 32 floz

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Enhance your garden's vitality with Karrikaid tropical plant soil fertilizer! These plant nutrients have a distinctive mix of organic acids and phenols, elevating microbial activity for plant growth. Their special formula fosters the growth of vigorous root systems, promoting unparalleled plant health and vitality. 


A Convenient And Eco-Friendly Choice For All Plants


Keep your garden thriving with our premium gardening soil fertilizer. All you need to do is mix the suggested amount of this organic soil fertilizer with per gallon water and apply it to plants or soil, ensuring thorough care for your garden.


Our plant care fertilizer offers enduring defense against environmental stressors, fostering optimal plant vitality. Their nutrient availability encourages robust root development, making this product a perfect choice for all your plants.


Abundant Coverage for Lasting Plant Protection


This organic lawn fertilizer creates a durable shield against environmental challenges, fostering prime plant health. This special formula repels a wide range of unwanted invaders, ensuring continuous protection for your garden with each application. 

In addition, our plant tone organic fertilizer comes in large 32 oz bottles, providing abundant coverage for long-lasting plant care. Their generous quantity allows you to reliably nurture and sustain your garden's health, offering support from seedling growth to full bloom.

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