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KARRIKAID Flower Bloomer 32 floz

KARRIKAID Flower Bloomer 32 floz

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Embark on a journey of botanical excellence with Karrikaid Bloomer Liquid, the pinnacle solution for encouraging flower growth and enhancing blooming in your garden. Presented by KARRIKAID, this liquid nutrient enhancer is a testament to horticultural innovation, designed to redefine the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Unleash the full potential of flowers with our flower power collection. Our product is designed for ultimate floral success. Our liquid fertilizer packets cater to the extensive needs of your blooming plants.

Unleash the power of Karrikins

Karrikins are derived in nature from plant smoke and are the key activators of plant growth enzymes following wildfire. It is a 100% bio-based, safe, natural, and effective plant and soil nutrient additive made from the listed ingredients. Soil microbes also metabolize the organic acids in KARRIKAID helping to improve soil biology and overall productivity. Karrikaid food for plants also includes phenols that enhance plants’ resilience to biotic and abiotic stress.

Transform Your Garden with Karrikaid Bloomer Liquid 

Packed with vital nutrients, like iron, zinc, and manganese, this liquid bloom nourishes your plants, resulting in a garden adorned with luxuriant and vibrant blooms that capture attention effortlessly. Simplify your gardening routine with the user-friendly liquid form of Karrikaid Bloomer Liquid. The 32-ounce bottle guarantees an ample supply to nurture your entire garden, making plant care a seamless and enjoyable process. Karrikaid Bloomer Liquid boasts an impressive coverage of 250 square feet per bottle, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for gardens of all sizes. With an optimal volume of 946 milliliters, Karrikaid Bloomer Liquid provides a well-balanced and sufficient amount for regular application. 

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